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*warning* I mostly spam my journal by fangirling over seiyuu and otome games 8D

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I no longer upload Music Station & J-pop related stuff but here's if you want my old uploads:
Music Station (mid-2008 - MSSL2008 episodes)
WaT Discography
Aragaki Yui Discography
Scans list
Video list
J-Pop list (mostly 2007 songs)

or you can check the tag list :)

sebasu <3

Final Fantasy X HD Remaster

so I bought PS Vita recently and quickly played Final Fantasy X HD Remaster.... I REALLY LOVE IT!!! *_*

I've been wanting to play it for so long 'cause I didn't finish the PS2 version when I was a kid, I remember the sinspawn was too difficult to beat, but I think it's 'cause I didn't know how to use the sphere grid or to understand the battle hint. my english really sucked back then I didn't even understand what those characters are saying haha!

*photos taken from Instagram

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sebasu <3

akiba strip or akiba's trip (PSP): game review

if you're one of those people who've always wanted to go to Akihabara, you might wanna try virtual trip of the real Akihabara in Japan along with the real shops and experience what it's like in maid cafe, yes? then go try this adventure-RPG game for PSP; Akiba's Trip, or you can also read it as Akiba Strip. 


outline story: (according to what I understand so far)
you play as the main protagonist who's found almost dead beaten by one of the strongest vampires in Akihabara; Abeno Yuu. his sister; Fumizuki Rui sees that and tried to help you by kissing on the lips as well as giving her blood in order to save you from death. this way also transforms you into a vampire indirectly. those vampires like Yuu and Rui are commonly called kageyashi in the game so I'm going to use this term from now on. a few agents from NIRO (an investigtion organization whose purpose is to kill kageyashi in town) passes by and bring you to their hideout. later when you wake up, you find yourself being tied half-naked in a dark room with a few NIRO agents forcing you to speak out about those kageyashi before you lost your consciousness. having no idea  about kageyashi, those agents explain that there have been a lot of kageyashi found in Akihabara to you and it's their job to erase their existence. you even learn that the girl who helped you back to alive is a kageyashi. being a human who's transforming into one of those kageyashi itself, they offer to help you get back into a human being but they want you to help them fight alongside them to kill those kageyashi in exchange. still curious with the girl who helped you before, you then agree to help and they teach you how to kill kageyashi; vampire in human disguise. like humans, kageyashis wear clothes as if they're normal humans, so it's your job to strip their clothes and let them burned to death as their skins exposed to sunlight. thus, it begins your journey to fight kageyashi and restore peace at Akihabara. 

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roppongi :)

Ouran Highschool Hostclub memorial photobook from LaLa

since I received a lot of comments saying that people enjoyed reading my old public entries (thank you!), I decided to start posting & sharing stuffs in public, again ^^;; 

and this could be the reason why you want yourself a copy of LaLa October 2011 issue:

Ouran Highschool Hostclub memorial photobook

note: this is a not-for-sale bonus item that comes with LaLa October 2011, and is different from the official photbook (released on September 1st, 2011).
big thanks to nishitamachi who helped me getting a copy of LaLa. oh and I haven't paid you for this :D

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it makes me wanna buy the official photobook *_* the casts are so perfect and lovely except Mori-senpai that they look really good in this book!
kouichi - swt

scenes from Haruka5

been playing Haruka5 for the past few days, and I finally finished a route! PHEW. that was long ;___; and I only managed to finish a single route, for God's sake! I'll probably continue the other routes later during weekend or long holiday 'cause it's just.. long!
but the ending paid it off, as expected from Neoromance the ending was really touching and it made me day <3

I find these 2 scenes are interesting so I decided to type it here:

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'cause i need a new post to show everyone that i have a new header; icon meme!

1. Reply to this post with "UNICORNS", and I will pick five of your icons.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon glee.

from xlumierex

Sanada Koichi from Kimi Kiss Pure Rouge
I though Koichi is really cute as what he's feeling is written on his face. and I often make icons to express what I feel, so I took the screenshot from one of the anime episodes and always use this icon when I feel like to.
his voice was done by Hinocchi by the way <--- probably the only reason I like Koichi

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Sanada Koichi from Kimi Kiss Pure Rouge (again)
same reason.
Kimi Kiss Pure Rouge is a harem anime where Koichi gets surrounded by 3 main female characters, and he often makes this kinda face 'cause he's slow in making decisions, and this is his face when he's troubled with those 3 girls. among 15 icons that I have on my LJ, I think I use this icon the most especially when reacting to something.

Ittoki Otoya from Uta no Prince-sama
from ep. 9, when Otoya was trying to make Tokiya to spit out his partner's name for the graduation project.
as for me, I made this when I found out that Terashii signed up for twitter and I just didn't have the correct icon to express myself at that time, so yeah... I made this. plus, this has something to do with Terashii since he voiced Otoya <3
this icon is also perfect when fangirling over something.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Est from Wand of Fortune
one of the popular otome games by Otomate, with lots of unique characters. Est, is an unfriendly young boy who's good at studying but people said that he posseses dark magic. the one I'm using for the icon, was taken from the 4 panel comic published at the official website to commemorate the release of the first installment of the game.
even though I remember Est never makes this kinda face in the game I find this dark side of him is pretty cute, and I often use this when I think of something pervert or trying to persuade someone to do something bad LOL

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Mashiro Moritaka from Bakuman
I categorize Bakuman under a comedy/slice of life manga, as it has slight comedy inserted in some unexpected places which make you burst out laughing.
and 2011, is a year full of surprises for me.
so I made this icon and use it basically when I'm shocked.

fall 2010 watchlist.

it's been a while since the last time I updated my journal so I thought I should write something.
since most of Summer anime are going to end soon, here's my next season watchlist:

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I didn't finish most of drama that I put into the list so I don't think I'm gonna watch any drama at Fall. ourhour hasn't updated the upcoming uploaded list for next season so I'm gonna wait until then.

as for Summer anime, I haven't even started watching Sengoku Basara 2 and I'm soo interested to watch Shiki <<< I forgot the reason why I wanted to watch this though. meanwhile, Amagami isn't progressing much 'cause I didn't think the anime will be divided into each girl's route "orz it's like I'm playing a bishoujo game and completing each girl's route.
but the others are going well.

I'm now watching Nihonjin no Shiranai Nihongo for Summer drama, it's really interesting for someone who's learning japanese :) I watched ep. 1 of Nijiiro but I don't feel like continuing 'cause I'm not in the mood to watch renai drama. with the amount of anime I watch every season I think I can only watch a drama ~_~
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I'm home!

my social internship program has finally ended. I just arrived home (I actually fell asleep when posting yesterday so it's morning already) from saying good-bye to my Japanese and Korean friends at the airport and we all cried A LOT. and early good-bye to the Dutch in the afternoon. that was sad, but I also got lots of happy stories aside from the sad stories :)

a picture of my home while I was in the village

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oh, and happy belated birthday to yuliyudo and nishitamachi :)
it's not that I forgot your birthdays, it's 'cause I couldn't text you 'cause I didn't get signal in the village and it was kinda difficult to find places where I got signal.
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roppongi :)


I'll be leaving to live in a village for social internship program starting tomorrow for a month so my journal status will be:


until I get back on August 4th :)
I'll see you guys next month!