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Oujisama series (warai) review

I was stuck in traffic jam for almost total of 2 hours, and I was driving alone so I had no one to talk to.
so I decided listened Oujisama series (warai) vol. 1 to accompany me, lucky that I put it into my PSP a few days ago. the series is so much fun. at first, I didn't get what its purpose but then I started to realize later, that the stories are written by the princes' perspective view, in a weird way LOL it's really interesting and fun.

Suzuken sounds like a bored prince who finally got his Cinderella, and Nakapan sounds so funny and awkward when he found out about Snow White's mother, and Ishida sounds so cheerful and lovely LOL

but the most funny part was the omake part where all the 3 princes from Cinderella, Snow White and Rapunzel stories gather together and chat about their wives LOL like how fast Cinderella's Prince married her just when he found to like her, or even how Snow White's Prince decided to marry her just 'cause of her looks, and how Rapunzel's Prince married her judging that she's beautiful even if he never met her before.

I really like that omake part that I make a 4-coma manga of it xDD: (as a result of another procrastination)


pardon the coloring and such, I did all of it manually, except the text input.

I had so much fun when drawing it so I'll draw another 4-coma manga when I get the chance xD I happened to have the same colored markers with the princes' hair color so yeah.. I decided to dye their hair LOL

the second vol. of Oujisama series (warai) will have Mamo, Okki and Yocchin so I'm really looking forward to it!! ^__^

oh, and I was about to buy Voice Animage Summer 2010 but when I clicked the link from the newsletter I got from CDJapan..
the preorder is now in 'out of stock' status o____O so fast!! and when I checked about the upcoming issue's info... it'll feature Suzuken in the cover.
well, I saw a poll for top 10 favorite seiyuu a while ago and Suzuken was no. 1 with almost 30% votes, so.. no wonder this issue runs out
of stock very quickly even before I clicked the link *sigh*
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