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Final Fantasy X HD Remaster

so I bought PS Vita recently and quickly played Final Fantasy X HD Remaster.... I REALLY LOVE IT!!! *_*

I've been wanting to play it for so long 'cause I didn't finish the PS2 version when I was a kid, I remember the sinspawn was too difficult to beat, but I think it's 'cause I didn't know how to use the sphere grid or to understand the battle hint. my english really sucked back then I didn't even understand what those characters are saying haha!

*photos taken from Instagram

anyway, I think this could be my fastest record finish an RPG in 2 weeks. I usually take a long time to finish a single RPG game.
well, thanks to a whole week of Hari Raya holidays and traffic jam when traveling I could spend a lot of times playing it ^_^ and the interesting story kept me playing all the time. also, since I played Bravely Default without walkthrough (well, I did read some parts when I got stuck) thoroughly, I wanted to play this game without looking at walkthrough the entire time as well. I think that's why I could play it faster than my usual pace. 'cause I spent lots of times reading what's coming ahead and what kind of story would it be as written on the walkthrough lol. walkthrough = spoiler.
but still, there's no way I could finish this game without checking the walkthrough, especially when fighting difficult bosses or when entering Cloister of Trials ^^;;; so yeah, I still had to check it!

another part that I like from this game is, the US version's voice acting isn't that bad! in fact, it's better than I thought!
I didn't bother buying the Japanese version 'cause I know the sphere grid system could be confusing (at the beginning) so since I wanted to understand it fully I'd rather play the english version. and every character's voice sounds really good and they fit their role! wow! I even like Yuna's voice (US version) now :D

I also cried a lot when playing this game. I can only remember I cried when:
1. Tidus and Yuna are kissing at the lake
2. Yuna's sphere is played
3. the ending, of course.

I don't remember if I cried more... but anyway, Braska's Final Aeon is so... arghhh!!! I was frustrated 'cause I was expecting I could finish the game before going to bed but since I was defeated about 2-3 times when fighting BFA so I chose to cool my head and sleep instead. I couldn't sleep well so I woke up early, read several walkthough to find out the best strategy to defeat it ^^;; and in 1-2 hour I could finally see the ending! phew.

"Hymn of the Fayth" and "To Zanarkand" songs also keep playing in my head. I think they're one of the best BGMs for game. 
overall, I could see why this game has won so many people's heart now :) it's one of my favorite games now!

just after I finished playing Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy X-2 came in the mail in the evening. I thought I'd finish X before weekend so I ordered X-2 right away, and it came in the right timing! yay! I tried it for a few minutes. Yuna looks really cool! but since the battle system etc. is quite different from X, I'll need to play further to get used to it. I hope I'll like it!

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