April 8th, 2009


True Fortune トゥルーフォーチューン

I listened to You're in my heart (Short Size) sang by Miyano Mamoru as Kaji Aoi these days 'cause it's so pretty *______* I love Kaji even more!! mamo suits ballad very much..

by the way I just finished playing True Fortune and completed all the CGs!! yatta~ :D

waaaa I really love this kinda otome game! I remember I started playing it last week, and since there are 6 guys, it took about a day for each guy ^__^ moreover, there's only one ED for each guy so I don't have to re-play the same guys all over again to get the different EDs!

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aaaah now that I've finished playing the game I'm kinda confused to continue playing Haruka3, Hoshizora no Comic Garden or even trying Starry Sky in Spring :D