April 29th, 2009


song lyrics

actually I never put lyrics in this LJ but.. this time it's a special case :D 'cause I'm having a hard time remembering the lyrics only by listening to the song and never read the lyrics.

I've been humming Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 4 ED song lately, and I really really love that song T_T so I went looking for the lyrics.. but first I have to find out who sing it first! then came this name Takiguchi Yukihiro (滝口 幸広). I felt like I recognize that name before.. it couldn't be...
and OMG yes it's the one who plays the Oishi Shuichiro of Golden Pair with my beloved Seto Koji in tenimyu!!! ~____~ they're my favorite Golden Pair ever!! <3 and I have to admit he sings well!

back to topic.. so I finally found the lyrics and could sing a long, yay!! =3

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also.. since I just finished watching Gundam 00 2nd season this morning, Marina Ismail's (Ayumi Tsunematsu) song is filling my head too :D the meaning is soooo good and I really really like this song! the first time I heard that song when my brother played it (at that time, I haven't watched gundam 00) I said "what's with that song? it sounds as if it's a song for orphans!"

ah well, actually it was sung by the orphans in the anime, and Marina Ismail too. anyway, I should put the lyrics too here ^_^

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ahhh by the way, Gundam 00 is my first gundam anime and I REALLY REALLY LOVE IT! *____* it's kinda rare for me to watch about 7-8 episodes in a go and this anime could make me watch 25 episodes in less than a week, which means this anime is really worth-watching!!
I wanted to watch Gundam SEED too, but I gave up before watching. it's 100 episodes including the sequel, Gundam SEED DESTINY, gah! when will I finish watching it, next year? =_=

I also like
the 2nd ED song, "trsut you" sang by Ito Yuna. I already like the song even before I watch the anime, but.. I like the song even more after finish watching gundam!! D: 'cause how they put the song into the anime scenes are just wonderful (mostly parting scenes, which is really really sad!)

but I can sing it already before looking for lyrics :D

I love you, I trust you. Kimi no kodoku wa wakete hoshii.
I love you, I trust you. Hikari demo yami demo.
I love you, I trust you. Kanashii demo yorokobi demo.
I love you, I trust you. Ai wo oshietekureta.

see? 'cause I listen to it almost everyday xD
now I can barely open my eyes so I'm going to bed *_*

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