July 10th, 2009


Hime Hibi -Princess Days- : review

uwahhhhhhh I finally finished this game *throws confetti*
it's kinda rare for me to finish each routes for an otome game :D from what I remember, this is the 2nd otome game which I managed to finish all the boys routes after True Fortune, woo hoo!!

this game is so funny, and even though it's visual novel where you see endless text and a few mini-games, it's not boring at all 'cause Takuyo made it so lively and funny ^^ one of my favorite games.

(L-R: Yamato, Shinobu, Hikaru, Rinto-sensei, Masaya, Naohito-senpai)

well, it's simply because I like 5 out of 6 boys ^_^ and it'll be a waste if I leave out a guy so I thought I'd better finish them all yay :D

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by the way, I played the PSP version, not the PS2 version. it's just that I like the PS2 cover better so I put that image here, lol.
the 2nd game, Hime Hibi -New Princess Days- was released about a week ago, so I was kinda rushed to finish this game before I play the second one ^^