July 15th, 2009



I finished watching Neo Angelique Abyss -Second Age- last night !! phew, the story is darker than the first season and focused more on the other boys except the Aube Hunters (oh but they still had Hyuuga hightlight episode at least).

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now that I've finished watching Neo Angelique Abyss I feel like I wanna deepen my knowledge about Neoromance so I move on to watch Koisuru Tenshi Angelique: Kokoro no Mezameru Toki xD

I'm thinking to play Angelique Trois but I wanna get to know the boys first so I think I have to watch the anime first. oh well, Angelique in here is totally different from the one from Neo Angelique and I have to admit I like Angelique from Neo Angelique better than Angelique from this series. she's prettier, stronger, and I think Endo Aya voiced her better. but probably that's 'cause Neo Angelique is made a few years later than Angelique series. oh well.

also, since the beginning I've found which boys I like.
I like Marcel, simply 'cause of his blonde hair and round eyes, reminds me of Eisen from Haruka series xD I like bishies with kind-looking face, and I think he got the most normal outfit, lol
b-b-but!! I didn't expect his voice to be so high!!! o___O I was surprised to hear his voice at the frist time, but.. I'm sure I'll get used to it just like Rene -_-'

and I like Clavis :D
the low-tone voice suits his mysterious appearance :D

when I looked at the seiyuu list I only recognized Koyasu Takehito's name voicing for Olivie, and that time I have no idea which one was Olivie. but I recognized his voice when this cross-dresser-looking coming:
yeah the only seiyuu I like from Angelique series voicing for the character I hate the most?? o__O I guess I have to cover my eyes when Olivie got his screen time so I could only hear his voice. even I couldn't stand Koyasu-san's flirty voice!!! gah!

I only watched 3 episodes so far so this should end here now ^^ will be writing more about it when I finish watching the first season, 'cause SMS hasn't finished subbing the second season (Kagayaki Ashita)..