July 16th, 2009


Will O Wisp + Easter no Kiseki: review

when you just finished playing an otome game you'll feel like you wanna review the game, so here it is xD

after playing Hime Hibi I thought I'd go for this game 'cause I think the artwork is sooo gorgeous *__* and it's true!
the CGs are pretty, the boys are very very pretty, well except Gyl, he's a woman with a man voice xD

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(the right image, clockwise: Hobblrdy, Jack, Will, Gyl, Ignis)

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by the way, if you're still looking for Easter no Kiseki guide and haven't found it yet, then use this guide from B's Log instead (but you'll see a few spoiler CGs): (click to see the bigger version)
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click the first scan for the boys route+emily day 1-3 and go see the second scan for day 4+emilio's route.
you just need to pick options for day 1-4 in Easter no Kiseki so for day 5-7 you just need to sit and watch the story move on ^^