July 21st, 2009


Irino Miyu upcoming releases

celebrating my  first days fangirling over Miyu, here's his upcoming releases as I know so far: (credit: CDJapan)

(2009.08.19) Gekkan Otokomae Zukkan Jusha Hen - Shiro ban
I haven't listened to this series, but I'm sure I put this in plan-to-listen list 'cause the series got my favorite seiyuu including Mamo xD
etto.. I went to search the meaning of Jusha and it said "confusianist" ?? o__O what does that mean? a person who makes you confused?

(2009.08.25) Vitamin Z Character Song - Hojou Kei & Hojou Nachi
OMG!! I thought his character song was released already!! that's why I didn't find it when I did some search, I don't know if it hasn't released yet xD I'm currently playing Vitamin Z and I'm so happy his character songs will be released soon \(^___^)/ matte ne, Kei <3 I'm currently playing one of the A4' s route quickly so I can get to your route soon fufufuf~

(2009.08.26) Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Voice Actor Single: *currently untitled*
OMG!! Saji Crossroad will have his own song!!! kyaaaaaaaaaah~ I'd never thought they'd release one for Saji, as he's just a supporting character, not like those Gundam meisters. hmm, but I don't really like the character songs from Gundam 00 except Marina Ismail's songs 'TOMORROW' which is very touching, I hope this one will be good and catchy.

great, his songs aren't that many as any other seiyuu have and I only know his songs for Neo Angelique and his mini album. so those release will feed my needs mwahahaha *evil laughs*

ohhhh August, why are there so many good releases? xD

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