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Hoshi Soichiro <3

I just realized that people might get confused and lost when seeing my tag list so I decided not to show it and create a link to the tag list instead. now my LJ looks neat ^^ I also wanted to change my header but my laptop's has just been reformatted and my pictures are in the backupped HD so.. probably later.

and yes I'm adding a new tag into my journal and this is the 157th tag: Hoshi Soichiro, 'cause I just turned into his fan *______* if you're a fan of anime, drama cd or otome game I'm sure you know this wonderful seiyuu.

thanks to kswgric now I know that hoshi will get 2 drama cds released soon; Danna Catalogue Vol. 4 (which is supposed to be released in april)

and Starry Sky Taurus (at the end of may). I'm a big fan of Starry Sky and I seriously don't have any idea that hoshi is included in this super wonderful project *__* Starry Sky is totally an ear-candy drama cd series as it has VERY GREAT seiyuu line ups! as for Danna Catalogue Vol 4, hoshi will be a husband together with Midorikawa Hikaru, yaaaaaaaay! those 2 are currently in my top 5 seiyuu :D

I checked honeybee's official web to find out about hoshi's characters in those drama cds and here they are:

hoshi will be a NARCISSIST husband! *______* I only know hoshi as a shy person in his works so I have no idea what kinda husband he will be and I'm sooooo looking forward to it! xD

as for Starry Sky Taurus..
I don't know much yet about Kanakubo Homare.. I'm sure I read hoshi's interview about this character at seiyuu yesterday but now I don't remember a single thing about it =_____=

I'm also currently playing Starry Sky in Spring game right now and I'm curious about who'll be in Summer CD.. so I checked and..
YES YES!! hoshi's character (homare-kun) will be in summer CD!!! <3

also.. I took a deep breath when I read the cast list (L - R)
Kanakubo Homare (CV: Hoshi Soichiro) obviously.
Miyaji Ryunosuke (CV: Kamiya Hiroshi)
Ryunosuke is sooooooo gorgeous !! xD I wonder, is he a tsundere? 'cause kamiyan really suits being a tsundere!! ^^
Kinose Azusa (CV: Fukuyama Jun)
his looks is not my type, but I'm sure fukujun's voice will atrract me xD

assadafaefsa I really adore them!!! xD now I really can't wait for june to come T__T
2009 will be an amazing year 'cause I'll listen to starry sky drama cd for each month xD

and this random thought too: WHY DOESN'T KOEI HAVE MIDORIKAWA HIKARU & KAMIYA HIROSHI IN NEOROMANCE GAMES?? D: (they're not in it, are they?)

oh, and I saw KAT-TUN's newest album (I forgot the title) was leaked everywhere ~__~ I need to listen to it ASAP!
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