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Hime Hibi -Princess Days- : review

uwahhhhhhh I finally finished this game *throws confetti*
it's kinda rare for me to finish each routes for an otome game :D from what I remember, this is the 2nd otome game which I managed to finish all the boys routes after True Fortune, woo hoo!!

this game is so funny, and even though it's visual novel where you see endless text and a few mini-games, it's not boring at all 'cause Takuyo made it so lively and funny ^^ one of my favorite games.

(L-R: Yamato, Shinobu, Hikaru, Rinto-sensei, Masaya, Naohito-senpai)

well, it's simply because I like 5 out of 6 boys ^_^ and it'll be a waste if I leave out a guy so I thought I'd better finish them all yay :D

based on my gameplay order:

Natsuyagi Hikaru (CV: Suganuma Hisayoshi)
he is simply cute ^_^ meh, but I was surprised to know that he was only 13 o___O I mean, the game is set in high school, and I was surprised to see a cute little boy there! oh well, actually hikaru was smart enough that he was able to jump classes in that elite Tenjoujiki Gakuen (if I'm not mistaken that is the name of the school where the MC attended)
I simply went for him first 'cause I love genki-voiced character :D but unfortunately, going for hikaru couldn't make you doki-doki at all!! but he got his sweet sides too, he could even say sweet and embarassing things (without knowing what it means) which made me "awwwwwwwww~" :3
anyway, I think I was right to pick hikaru for my first as hikaru's route explained the wholestory a lot better than the other boy's routes. so if you need to understand the main idea of hime hibi I suggest you play for hikaru's route first :)

Kashiwagi Rinto (CV: Ishida Akira)
damn he's the hottest teacher I can found o__O besides, he is funny essence of the game 'cause he likes to joke a lot from little things to pervy things LOL but that's why I like him.
going from hikaru to rinto-sensei was like taking a lollipop from a baby to kidnapped by a pervert, 'cause most of his CG was moe moe xD oh well, he's a teacher so it should be an adult love. besides, the way ishida voiced pervy rinto-sensei was just soooo perfect! :D

Tenjouji Masaya (CV: Yoshino Hiroyuki)
he's the main guy so I thought I must play for him no matter what the reason, and I didn't regret it. he got the best story :) and quite complicated one. oh well, but I was first pissed off by him 'cause all he did was yell, yell and yell to you, and I mean angrily -__- I kinda hate tsundere character, but he wasn't tsundere. he is an anger, geez!!
the interesting point from Masaya is that his love knowledge is zero. well, I laughed a lot 'cause I've seen lots of his dumbness (ex: for God's sake, who in the world could be angy when he knew that the person in front of him is his iinazuke (fiance) but he didn't even know the meaning of iinazuke???)
okay, but his dumbness was paid with his cute ending ^^

Takashiro Yamato (CV: Nojima Kenji)
I was interested with him 'cause among all the guys who were happy with the girl being transferred into school, he was the only one who was against this idea (that's why I thought it must be funny to go after him). well, what I could say about him is "don't judge a book by its cover", he always seemed so cool and serious, but you don't know his craziness over cats which made lol-ed in the middle of the night xD
I think he had the best confession scene, which was hilarious :D

Hayami Naohito (CV: Hamada Kenji)
a very gentle, kind and adorable senpai!! I like his gentle voice 8D
he played piano, which was the reason I like him ^^ well, the funny thing about him was if in most of the games they usually made the guy could cook very well, in fact in this game this guy can't cook but he insist if he can cook and make everyone eat his meals LOL

Tsukimoto Shinobu (CV: Ishikawa Hideo)
errr.. I thought that this guy was okay, a fine and cool bodyguard with huge body. but not until I saw his double-sided personality when he already wore an apron o___O surprised me a lot.
if Naohito-senpai couldn't cook, he's the best cook in the game ^^ 'cause he worked as a chef in the dormitory cafetaria.
funny things about him was, he got 3 different modes: (a) when he wears sunglasses, he doesn't speak at all until you proceed with his route, usually he only nod or smile. (b) when he takes off the sunglasses, he talks in very low & sexy voice xD, but still in bodyguard mode (c) when he wears white shirt + apron, you usually find him in this mode when he's in the dormitory. in this mode he... change his personality into a very cheerful one and talks in a very genki voice -_-"
to me, his route was a bit sad but in the end it was okay 'cause you could date your hot bodyguard 8D even Harumura Maaya (your frined in the game) adores Shinobu that she wanted to touch his huge arm when she first met him LOL

by the way, I played the PSP version, not the PS2 version. it's just that I like the PS2 cover better so I put that image here, lol.
the 2nd game, Hime Hibi -New Princess Days- was released about a week ago, so I was kinda rushed to finish this game before I play the second one ^^
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