heldi (hiroki_chan) wrote,

more Danna Catalogue!

yay! honeybee didn't release any Danna Catalogue series on June and I just realized that my Danna Catalogue banner changed a bit it's so good to see another new drama coming!

this time it'll be O-type and AB-type danna!


the seiyuu are... OMG! Nakamura Yuichi and Miyata Kouki!!! *screams*
I haven't listened to Miyata's drama cd other than Haruka series so this one will be interesting. hey, his character looks just like Nagi in brown hair 8D
I wonder if they've released A-type and B-type danna before? ah, never mind.

the O-type danna (CV: Nakamura Yuichi)

this one looks naughty xD

the AB-type danna (CV: Miyata Kouki)

and this one looks cool! oh how I love guys in glasses 8D
it also reminds me that usually, AB-type people tend to have double personalities so I wonder if Miyata's character will have double personalities, like.. Yunoki LOL
Tags: drama cd, seiyuu

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